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Shipping Policy

How It Works

We can and will ship anywhere in the United States. There is a 7 day (maximum) handling time when you place your order, this gives us time to make your product, and then ship it out if we don't have your size or color in stock and we have to order it. In most cases, items will ship faster than this. We will ship USPS and will provide tracking once it becomes available.

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Returns and Refunds

Our Policy Info

We have a no return or refund policy. This is due to the fact that our items are commonly custom made to order. Therefore, once we make it for you, especially on personalized items, we cannot resale it to anyone else. Please know this before purchasing.

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Warranty Disclaimer

Our Policy

We will only warranty items with manufacturing defects, such as shirts unravelling or tumblers cracking due to a design flaw, not because they were dropped.

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Privacy Policy

Your Data Is Secure

Please know that any data that you send to us is completely secure. We do not use external servers and we do not disclose your information to 3rd parties.

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